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Livewire is Techno Services’ blog for the emerging communications industry. Discuss the latest trends with our experts.

January 28, 2010

Importance of introducing new Billing systems for Media and Entertainment companies

Media and Entertainment industry is growing at a very fast pace with its extensive adoption in our lives. Whether its entertainment, information or media services, especially digital media, service provider’s aim is to provide easily available and affordable content to the end users in an efficient manner. To thrive in the current competitive environment, it is imperative for service providers to constantly increase interaction with its customers, retain existing customers and evolve new channels for revenue generation.  

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January 20, 2010

Need for transforming billing systems

To cope  with stiff competition, rapidly dwindling profit margins and ever increasing operational costs, Communication Service Provides (CSPs) are looking at various options to cut down costs, generate additional revenue from existing business models/systems and reduced lead time for new services’ launch.

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Convergence in Telecom billing

With changing consumer lifestyles, continuously evolving in providing new services has become the mantra for Communication service providers (CSPs) to sustain stiff competition. Traditional stovepipe billing systems support either voice, data, mobile or video services at a time. Investing in individual billing systems for each service type is not an optimal proposition from an operational as well as maintenance perspective. Also from a customer’s perspective, they are keen to opt for bundled services which include triple play (voice, data and video) and quadruple play (adding mobility to voice, data and video), instead of buying single individual services. 

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January 18, 2010

Telecoms: It’s time to Cloud-Source!

The players in the Telecom industry that emerge stronger post the recession will be the ones following the mantra: innovation with cost cutting. How can the telecom operators focus on the innovation game and at the same time keep a hawk eye on the concomitant costs of innovation? Perhaps the answer lies in Cloud Computing.  Cloud computing is the way ahead as demonstrated by some of the leading analyst commentaries: Gartner estimates one-third of IT spending in 2012 will be on cloud computing. Merrill Lynch has forecasted a $95 billion market opportunity over the next five years (as quoted in Saugatuck whitepaper). There are immense cost savings and attractive business transformation opportunities lying untapped in the cloud, the big question is “what and how” can be taken to the cloud with a cost effective, secure and high ROI centric approach. Amongst the telephone operators’ application portfolio,  e-billing/self-care/mobile-application-store lend themselves well to cloud migration  essentially because of factors like fluctuating load factor, none of them being a mission critical application, suitability to a transaction/subscription based charging model and commoditized IT capability.

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