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Supply chain excellence has become a key driver of value and competitiveness across most industries today. We provide solutions for services that "synchronize commerce" - the seamless management of the flow of goods, funds, and information around the world.

Our Seamless integration across supply chain systems improves visibility into supply chain events, expands ability to manage supply chain events, facilitates effective supply chain collaboration.

We provide complete solutions for :

  • Transportation and Freight Services
  • International Trade Management
  • Logistics and Distribution Services
  • Fulfillment management services
  • Warehouse & distribution intergration

Our Multiple communication mechanisms like e-mail, pagers, PDA, phone, fax speeds response time and end user satisfaction. Integration of 3rd party logistics and vendors enables all solutions under one view and control.

Some benefits of our software solutions :

  • Integrate manufacturing strategies to improve your competitiveness
  • Reduce costs across systems and manage resources at single entry level
  • Simultaneously integrate all of your facilities regardless of which modes
  • Proper planning and distribution helps to maintain proper inventory.
In reality, achieving these goals presents complex challenges to virtually all manufacturers; especially those that operate within mixed-mode environments. Our solutions provide you a new value calculator for your business.
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