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Onsite Consulting is a service by which our global customer can utilize the services of our software development engineers at their location to fulfill their specific needs. These needs could be many and varied - programming, consulting, design, etc. The one common situation where Onsite Consulting services are utilized is before outsourcing the development work to a remote location. Onsite consulting for a small period helps organizations test and believe in the skill levels of the candidates at the remote location.

With explicit experience in software engineering, we have seen many so called experts come and go. Many offer high tech features. We offer solutions, using best-of-breed technology that fits the purpose and your budget.


  • Onsite consultants are not on your permanent pay roll.
  • No additional costs such as Insurance and Medical Allowances.
  • Onsite consulting services are definitely cost-effective.
  • Avoids organizing "Permanent Resident" Visa hassles.
  • The skill levels of the manpower are thoroughly tested as they work directly under your direct supervision at your location.

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