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Our initial work begins by identifying key elements for success for your company or group and then developing benchmarks and processes that will enable our organization to migrate and replicate those critical processes. Our clients typically experience significantly improved customer satisfaction, complaint resolution and visibility into their business.

By offering multi-level support and having a flexible model that works jointly with the client's existing processes and people, we ensure that the economic benefits of IT enabled services are tightly coupled with an increase in business flexibility.

Call Center Support

Combining our experience providing IT enabled services from our offshore centers and our Client First commitment,

Techno Services LLC Solutions can build a Customer Call Center that is tailored to your business requirements. With Techno Services LLC experience providing software development services to software companies, a logical extension of these IT enabled services is providing call centers to support our client's customers.

Getting started is straightforward. Techrelations' consultants will provide a free assessment of your needs and work with your organization to tailor a Customer Call Center specifically for you.

Techno Services LLC has focused on developing and building all the key components for a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) support and services center. Our CRM Support offering is organized around meeting the business and operating objectives of companies across multiple industry sectors.

CRM Support

By offering integrated choices beyond the call center that leverage the core business infrastructure of companies, we are rapidly creating high-ROI CRM outsourcing solutions for our clients.

HR Support

Many Human Resource functions that are process and service-oriented can be handled more economically through outsourcing. Our core HR outsourcing offering is designed to meet the technology and process needs for companies across multiple industry sectors. Our depth of experience in highly regulated and dynamic industries like healthcare, life sciences, high technology, and financial services has allowed us to develop unique insights and specialties into handling the issues for those industries.

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